Clip On Clamp, Day Scope Attachment

CO-DSA-56/58/62 Day Scope Attachment, Clamp Adapter for Clip-On Riflescopes, attaches to COA and mounts directly to end user’s Day Scope. Standard Sizes: 56mm, 58mm, 62mm GSCI System Compatibility: TI-GEAR-C345

Waterproof Hard Case with Foam

GSCI-CASE-MD Medium Size Waterproof Hard Case, with “Pick and Pluck” Foam (Internal Dimensions: 24 x 19 x 14 cm) GSCI System Compatibility: TI-GEAR-M, TI-GEAR-S, TI-GEAR-C, HMD-800, HMD-800-MOD


J-Arm is the link between a night vision monocular and a head-hear or helmet mount of your choice. Made of hard-anodized aluminum, the J-Arm allows coarse and fine swivel/angle adjustments to ensure best fit. J-ARM-TI Low Profile, Shroud Ready, Dovetail … Read More

Helmet Mount

HM-714LP-SR-D Low Profile, Shroud Ready, Dovetail Interface GSCI System Compatibility : TI-GEAR-MX25, UNITEC-G, HMD-800/HMD-800-MOD

UNITEC-B Long-Range Thermal Binoculars

UNITEC-B is a family of thermal binocular systems equipped with uncooled, shutterless thermal detectors and a choice of 50, 75 or 100mm Germanium objective lenses. UNITEC-B has dual-OLED display system that designates one high-res OLED display for each individual eyepiece … Read More

30 Pack / Thermal Diamond
  • No Need For Tedious Tilting … Zero in your thermal scope without all the hassle. Unlike other passive thermal targets that have to be precisely tilted, ours can be used straight-on, at any angle, and in all weather conditions. (Intended for outdoor use)
  • Extra-Bright for Pinpoint Accuracy … These aren’t just any thermal shooting targets for the range. They’re brighter than most, giving you the freedom to sight your thermal scope from much further. Use the Black Hot setting for accuracy-guiding brilliance.
  • Never Have To Worry About Power Sources … Day or night, these gun targets for shooting range work without any need for batteries, cables, or generators. Just peel off the backing, stick onto a target, take your spot, and have an absolute blast.
  • Get the Greatest Bang For Your Buck … With 30 thermal squares in every pack, getting your aim right will be an economical affair. Each of the range targets measures 4″ x 4″ and can be combined to make custom shapes. Designed to work with all thermal optics.
  • Used By Special Forces Around the World … Proper accuracy calls for proper quality. Internal Energy thermal targets for shooting rifle are made in Canada and used to train military & police forces all over the world. Go ahead, get targets trusted by pros!

 … Read More


Below are some of our most popular items for military, police and tactical team use.

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