Clip On Clamp, Day Scope Attachment

CO-DSA-56/58/62 Day Scope Attachment, Clamp Adapter for Clip-On Riflescopes, attaches to COA and mounts directly to end user’s Day Scope. Standard Sizes: 56mm, 58mm, 62mm GSCI System Compatibility: TI-GEAR-C345

Waterproof Hard Case with Foam

GSCI-CASE-MD Medium Size Waterproof Hard Case, with “Pick and Pluck” Foam (Internal Dimensions: 24 x 19 x 14 cm) GSCI System Compatibility: TI-GEAR-M, TI-GEAR-S, TI-GEAR-C, HMD-800, HMD-800-MOD


J-Arm is the link between a night vision monocular and a head-hear or helmet mount of your choice. Made of hard-anodized aluminum, the J-Arm allows coarse and fine swivel/angle adjustments to ensure best fit. J-ARM-TI Low Profile, Shroud Ready, Dovetail … Read More

Helmet Mount

HM-714LP-SR-D Low Profile, Shroud Ready, Dovetail Interface GSCI System Compatibility : TI-GEAR-MX25, UNITEC-G, HMD-800/HMD-800-MOD

UNITEC-B Long-Range Thermal Binoculars

UNITEC-B is a family of thermal binocular systems equipped with uncooled, shutterless thermal detectors and a choice of 50, 75 or 100mm Germanium objective lenses. UNITEC-B has dual-OLED display system that designates one high-res OLED display for each individual eyepiece … Read More

30 Pack / Thermal Diamond

Internal Energy Thermal Targets are a great training aid for you to zero in your thermal scope on the range! These passive targets are an inexpensive way to train without the requirement of a power source. Just peel and stick … Read More


Below are some of our most popular items for military, police and tactical team use.

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