Internal Energy

The Internal Energy’s proprietary and state-of-the-art X-Heat Technology allows our front mounted (shoot-through) thermal targets to feature a multi-hit capability, all while representing real-life heat signatures in a wide range of operating environments and ambient temperatures. By using safe, low … Read More

Target Accessories

Internal Energy Products | Target Accessories Realistic Thermal Signatures Multiple Standard and Custom Sizes are Available Durable (Capable of taking hundreds of rounds with minimal degradation!) Accepts 12VDC, 24VDC or even 110VAC (with a converter) as Power Options Low current … Read More

Full-size Thermal Vehicle Target

Some other images of Full-size Thermal Vehicle Targets:

Passive Coyote: No power required
Home of Thermal and Night Vision Targets

Welcome To Internal Energy Thermal Targets Internal Energy is a Canadian manufacturer of re-usable thermal targets for use by military, police, and law enforcement training programs. Military Active and Passive Thermal Targets Law Enforcement Thermal Targets Hunting Thermal Targets 3D … Read More

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