Thermal Targets

5 Pack / Thermal Targets Bullseye


Prepare Your Scope for That Critical Shot


Sometimes, one shot is all you have. A single pull of the trigger is all that separates success from crushing failure. When everything is on the line, Internal Energy thermal targets help create the accuracy and confidence to nail every shot.


Powered by our extensive experience creating rifle accessories for the brave men and women of the military around the world, we’ve designed some of the easiest-to-use thermal shooting targets for the range in the market.


No tilting required! While other zeroing thermal targets need to be placed at precise angles to reflect atmospheric light, ours can be used straight-on day or night. This means less time prepping targets and more time perfecting that deadly aim of yours!


Product Specifications:

Color: Tan and Orange

Thickness: 0.5 Millimeters

Dimensions: 10” x 10” Inches

Place of Manufacture: Canada

Package Inclusions:

5 x Targets and 5 x Cardboard Backers

Stay Deadly From Much, Much Further


Remain lethal from an astounding distance! Don’t settle for thermal gun targets for shooting range that limit your zeroing distance to a couple tens of yards. Our bullseye targets are extra-bright to give you the freedom to scope in from much further.


And you’ll have a hoot channeling your inner sniper! Thanks to the scoring rings, you can take your long-distance shooting skills to the next level – all without needing any batteries, cables, or generators to power your targets.


So, whether you’re a coyote or boar hunter looking to bring balance to the wild, a target shooter on the quest for uncompromising accuracy, or a sport shooter out to dominate the competition, you can count on quality trusted by Special Forces around the world.


Intended for outdoor use only.


Internal Energy Zeroing Thermal Targets with


5 Pack – Passive Range Targets for Rifle Shooting 

No Tilting Required


Thermal Squares for Outdoor Range
  • No Need For Tedious Tilting … Zero in your thermal scope without all the hassle. Unlike other passive thermal targets that have to be precisely tilted, ours can be used straight-on, at any angle, and in all weather conditions. (Intended for outdoor use)
  • Extra-Bright for Pinpoint Accuracy … These aren’t just any thermal shooting targets for the range. They’re brighter than most, giving you the freedom to sight your thermal scope from much further. Use the Black Hot setting for accuracy-guiding brilliance.
  • Have Some Fun While You’re At It … Put your sharpshooting skills to the test! These range targets are designed with classic scoring rings for multi-shot fun. Get in position, look through your scope, and see how close you can get to the bullseye.
  • Never Have To Worry About Power Sources … Day or night, our gun targets for shooting range work without any need for batteries, cables, or generators. Every pack comes with 5 (10” x 10”) targets and 5 cardboard backers to give you great value for money.
  • Used By Special Forces Around the World … Proper accuracy calls for proper quality. Internal Energy thermal targets for shooting rifle are made in Canada and used to train military & police forces all over the world. Go ahead, get targets trusted by pros!