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  • UNITEC-G Lightweight Thermal Goggles

    Explore the world, secure the perimeter, or make a long-range observation system with the versatile thermal goggles UNITEC-G. Intuitive controls and easy-to-use interface make it a perfect tool for all categories of customers. UNITEC-G64 Thermal Sensor Resolution: 640×480 Lens Size: … Read More
  • Universal Smartphone Camera Adapter

    CAS-14 Universal Smartphone Camera Adapter Compatibility: PBS-14, PVS-14C, PVS-31C-MOD,
  • Waterproof Hard Case with Foam

    GSCI-CASE-MD Medium Size Waterproof Hard Case, with “Pick and Pluck” Foam (Internal Dimensions: 24 x 19 x 14 cm) GSCI System Compatibility: TI-GEAR-M, TI-GEAR-S, TI-GEAR-C, HMD-800, HMD-800-MOD
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  • Waterproof Hard Case with Foam

    GSCI-CASE-MD Medium Size Waterproof Hard Case, with “Pick and Pluck” Foam (Internal Dimensions: 24 x 19 x 14 cm) Compatibility: PBS-14, PVS-14C, CNVD-22, PVS-31C, PVS-31C-MOD, PVS-7
  • WOLFHOUND-X Convertible Thermal Sights

    The WOLFHOUND-X is the universal thermal sight that serves multiple purposes: a single device can be used as a clip-on thermal scope (“COTS”) or a standalone thermal sight  (“STS”) with quick and easy “on-the-go” transformations between the two configurations WOLFHOUND-X64 … Read More
  • X3 – Passive E-Type

    Internal Energy Thermal Targets are a great training aid for you to zero in your thermal scope on the range! These passive targets are an inexpensive way to train without the requirement of a power source. Just peel and stick … Read More
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  • X5 – Active E-Type

    Just peel and stick the backer and apply to your substrate and you’re ready to practice with your new target and hone in your IR optic. Your target will appear black or white depending on the contrast setting of your … Read More
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  • S2 – 2D Passive Bower Sleeve

    This is a new Sleeve design allows the user great flexibility to add or remove a thermal target to their range in seconds.  We can add any design to the front of the target like centering diamonds or squares, face … Read More
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  • R12 – Photo-Realistic Passive Targets

    You can customize any design or shape your team requires.  Send us your preferred target file and we can certainly add it to the overall design!
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  • M3 – 3D Dummy Thermal Insert

    Fits into a P3DT Target for shooting under thermal conditions  Voltage (DC): 12V Dimensions:18″ x 24″ Current@120 Vac:< .7 Amp Current@24 Vdc:< 1.6 Amp Power Lead:24″ Polarized 2 Pin SAE Connector Watts/Square:17 watts (nominal) Mounting:  Heater Panel is pre-cut to fit … Read More
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  • 30 Pack / Thermal Diamond

    • No Need For Tedious Tilting … Zero in your thermal scope without all the hassle. Unlike other passive thermal targets that have to be precisely tilted, ours can be used straight-on, at any angle, and in all weather conditions. (Intended for outdoor use)
    • Extra-Bright for Pinpoint Accuracy … These aren’t just any thermal shooting targets for the range. They’re brighter than most, giving you the freedom to sight your thermal scope from much further. Use the Black Hot setting for accuracy-guiding brilliance.
    • Never Have To Worry About Power Sources … Day or night, these gun targets for shooting range work without any need for batteries, cables, or generators. Just peel off the backing, stick onto a target, take your spot, and have an absolute blast.
    • Get the Greatest Bang For Your Buck … With 30 thermal squares in every pack, getting your aim right will be an economical affair. Each of the range targets measures 4″ x 4″ and can be combined to make custom shapes. Designed to work with all thermal optics.
    • Used By Special Forces Around the World … Proper accuracy calls for proper quality. Internal Energy thermal targets for shooting rifle are made in Canada and used to train military & police forces all over the world. Go ahead, get targets trusted by pros!


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  • Night Vision Targets with Bullseye – 5 Pack

    Prepare Your Scope for That Critical Shot,  as sometimes, one shot is all you have. A single pull of the trigger is all that separates success from crushing failure. When everything is on the line, Internal Energy Night Vision targets help create the accuracy and confidence to nail every shot.  Powered by our extensive experience creating rifle accessories for the brave men and women of the military around the world, we’ve designed some of the easiest-to-use Night vision shooting targets for the range in the market.   These peel and stick means less time prepping and more time perfecting that deadly aim of yours!


    Product Specifications:   Green and Black

    Thickness:  0.5 Millimeters

    Dimensions:  10” x 10” Inches

    Place of Manufacture:   Canada

    Package Inclusions:   Targets and 5  Cardboard Backers


    Stay Deadly From Much, Much Further.  Remain lethal from an astounding distance! Don’t settle for other Night Vision gun targets for shooting range that limit your zeroing distance to a couple tens of yards. Our bullseye targets are extra-bright to give you the freedom to scope in from much further.  And you’ll have a hoot channeling your inner sniper! Thanks to the scoring rings, you can take your long-distance shooting skills to the next level, all without needing any batteries, cables, or generators to power your targets.  So, whether you’re a coyote or Boar hunter looking to bring balance to the wild, a target shooter on the quest for uncompromising accuracy, or a sport shooter out to dominate the competition, you can count on quality trusted by Special Forces around the world.


    Intended for indoor and outdoor ranges only.

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